You are invited to join our seasoned, tournament tested fishing team for the sport fishing experience of a lifetime. 

Join captain Rafael Gonzãles and his experienced crew for a fishing adventure organized by Danny Crosby.

 This is the fishing trip you have only dreamed about – til now!

North West Costa Rica, Guanacaste, is known for its deep blue water, warm climate and some of the best fishing in the world. 

Start your day heading out into the blue Pacific from Coco's Beach, Tamarindo or Ocotal with your fishing buddies. While you discuss your expectations for the day, our crew will be preparing the bait; your captain will be searching out the best spots to start the day’s fishing and steering one of our 32 foot twin diesel boats towards that destination. Once on site, our crew immediately set out the lines and the day begins.
Join us and you can be deep sea fishing for all your favorite big Game fish in North West Costa Rica. Here, Sailfish run between 80 to 200 pound and doubles are not that unusual, some clients have caught Marlin that were 800 pounds.
Tuna run in schools each weighing 10 to 20 pounds but there are plenty of larger ones caught each day with some 200 to 400lbs size caught every year.  Roosterfish, Dorado or Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo and Snapper are commonly caught by our guests. So come and experience the thrill of Pacific Ocean fishing in beautiful Costa Rica and remember - Costa Rica holds over 250 world records!
Our task and commitment is to put you into the hottest fishing areas in North West Costa Rica with one of country's top fishing crew’s to help you. 

Call your buddies – lets go FISHING!!


Playa Del Coco
Costa Rica
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